Phone Systems

3CX is Cashin Telecom’s Flagship Phone System.
It is simple to use, easy to set up and excellent value and also allows for cloud hosting, choose from a variety of endpoints, including the Free Mobile App and Web Phone and a range of IP Phones and Headsets to suit your budget

3CX is a licensed Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system. The standard license is free for up to 8 Simultaneous Calls and you can have as many users / extensions as you need.

We also provide a range of Fixed Line Phone Systems where we connect to your existing phone lines and you can still have Mobile Apps and Remote extension


Is your office struggling with WiFi dead spots? Slow Speed?
Cashin Telecom provides a UNIFI WiFi solution which gives your business full WiFi coverage at super speeds.

Other Services

Cashin telecom can offer you solutions for many other problems;
– Is your server room a mess?
– Need a paging system for your warehouse?
– Want an Audio/Video door intercom for your office?

Something else? Contact us, we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, good broadband is pre-requisite for good quality calls in your premises / organisation.

We can check if your location is suitable for high speed broadband.

You need 100Kb per VoIP Conversation, that is 1/10th of a Mb Upload Speed
That’s equals 10 calls per 1 Mb
If you have 3 Mb Upload, that allows 30 concurrent calls.

To check your internet connection try

This is called QoS, or Quality of Service, we enable QoS on your Broadband Router, this prioritizes VoIP Traffic to be first above any other Data Traffic.
If something is being downloaded or uploaded or video is being streamed on the internet it will not interfere with the Voice Call.

Our Systems are password protected, and with the addition of a Session Border Controller on customers site a secure connection is made from the IP Phones on premises to the Cloud Server.

Calls to any specific destination can be restricted, in addition a credit limit can be applied to each account to limit unauthorised calls.

No we can port over your number no problem, although this can take a short time to activate depending on your previous carrier