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We give great Customer Support


We have a choice of Solutions, we have tailored solutions for you, from Basic Telephony to Advanced Communications using Mobile Apps Desktop Apps


Price Plans to suit you, we offer "unlimited call Bundles for a fixed low cost" or pay as you go.


Easy Switching to us with seamless changeover from existing provider.

Connectivity Issues ??



WIFI existing, Wifi non existing or not fit for purpose, we provide a WIFI Solution that can give you coverage, where you need it within your premises.


Broadband not Good Enough? We offer 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband with high speed and low cost. We also assist you with your existing broadband provider to get the best package and can advise on switching. Broadband Failover? We provide setup your network so that, if one broadband fails, the second takes over with alerts to outages. In the meantime you have seamless connectivity.


 We provide and install Mobile Signal "boosters" that will repeat your best external signal outside to any indoor location.

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VoIP Phones Ireland

Our Services

Cashin Telecoms provide VOIP Phones & Traditional Phone Systems.

We are the VT/Vbet Headset’s main partner in Ireland.

Cashin Telecom can move clients off their poor Wi-Fi availability to access points

We provide a range of broadband services including Emergency Broadband

Intercom systems are the perfect solution for any business, apartment building or home.

Professional audio production will complete your company’s phone system needs.

Bad WiFi coverage in your home? Look no further as we have solutions to tackle those problems!

We can tailor a plan to suit your needs, whether it is per User or a System-Wide Monthly Charge 

about the company

Cashin Telecom was established by Peter Cashin in 1988, which makes us one of Irelands longest-standing phone system companies.

We are a specialist provider of telecommunications services such as VoIP, Digital and Analogue Phone Systems.

Personal Services

Connect and grow your business with a company you can trust.

Since 1988 we have been supplying telephone systems for business and organisations, our strength is in our customer support and if you’re looking to upgrade your phone system, we can tailor a solution for you.

We specialise in VOIP Phone Systems, which are cloud hosted, we can also offer fixed line systems

Cashin Telecom VoiP Phones

Our Happy Clients

3CX WhatsApp API Integration

3CX developer wizards got to work immediately. It was clear that this channel of communication would be a huge addition for many organizations no matter their size

advantages of using VoIP phones

Communications have moved from using telephones to communicate to the Computer Age. This means anywhere you have an internet or mobile signal you can have an extension, so home working is simple and cost-effective to set up.

Our systems enable Web Calling, so you ca give your contacts a link to call you, with no charge for this call. The call can even be converted into a Video Call.

VoIP Phones Ireland

Some of our solutions

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Keep your team connected and productive even when WFH!
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We’ll keep you connected.
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VBet Headsets
Cashin Telecom stocks the best in the VBet range
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Prices starting at €6 per user per month, and for many users our chargers are from €54 per month ex Vat (for the entire system)

We have tailored plans to suit your budget.

You can obtain huge savings on call charges by swapping your existing fixed line rental for Cashin Telecoms VoIP phone system

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