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We can in most cases allow you to use your existing IP Phones on your New Service from Cashin Telecom, these are mainly specific VOIP Phones from manufacturers such as Poly, Grandstream, Panasonic, Cisco and Yealink and some other manufacturers.


Mobile Desk Phones using a SIM Card, are not compatible, However, we can offer competitively priced IP Phones with much more functions from basic to advanced models

VoIP Phones Ireland

In addition to using existing or new IP Phones we can also offer

  • Mobile App or I Phone or Android (System Phone Extension as a mobile App on existing Mobile Phones)
  • PC APP – Soft Phone on your PC
  • MAC APP- Soft- Phone on your Apple Mac

How Much Will It Cost?

There is a once-off setup charge which is from €260 excluding Vat and then our monthly charge depends on the amount of phones/users you require.

We can tailor a plan to suit your needs, whether it is per User or a System-Wide Monthly Charge we can work with you.

We can also provide a fixed cost bundle or competitive pay-as-you-go per-second billing

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