Pricing Breakdown

Cashin Telecom Ltd

Delivering Quality Phone Systems for over 30 Years

Do you want to achieve Massive Savings in Line Rental and Call Charges?

Do you want to Mobilise your Phone System, so that your team can have their phone extension working from anywhere on any device?

Why not Upgrade to our 3CX VOIP Phone System.

Phone System Benefits And Features

  • Line Rental just €4 ex Vat per month per line and exceedingly low call charges
  • The system is Cloud Hosted which means it’s super reliable and not dependent on traditional phone lines to be working.
  • Remote Working Apps
  • Use Your Landline Number on Mobile App, Softphone and WebPhone for PC and Mac
  • Choose from a range of IP Phones from just €70 ex Vat each
  • Digital Receptionist – Dial 1 for Support, Dial 2 for sales, Dial 3 for Admin etc
  • Voicemail with Voicemail messages also sent to your email
  • Web Conference with recording
  • Web Chat for your website
  • Remote Support Included

Options And Low Cost Add-Ons

  • all Recording with Stop / Start
  • Call Reporting and Call Logs
  • Call Queue “Please Hold You are Number 1 in the Queue”
  • Call Stats for Agent Calls and Contact Centre Working with Wall Board
  • Integrate with Microsoft and most CRM’s Contact Management Software
  • Video Door Intercom, with Keypad, Answer from anywhere on your system extensions

OK, I Am Interested, So What Is The Cost?

Remote Set up of the System is from €260 ex Vat, this is the initial setup of your Phone System Platform, with Voicemail and Digital Receptionist, Porting your Main Number, Setup of your team’s extensions, Mobile Apps, Softphones.

On-Site Installation is from €260 ex Vat depending on the amount of phone sets require, VOIP Phone Sets are from €70 ex Vat and we have even some IP phones costing less than this.

Are There Any Monthly Charges?

Yes, VOIP Line Rental is just €4 per Month per Line, so if you need 2 x Outside Lines, Line rental is just €8 ex Vat per month.

The System is Cloud Hosted and Monthly Standing Charge is €20 ex Vat.


Monthly Charge for System with 2 Lines and Cloud Hosting is €28 ex Vat per Month.

Monthly Charge for System with 3 Lines and Cloud Hosting is €32 ex Vat per Month.

Monthly Charge for System with 4 Lines and Cloud Hosting is €36 ex Vat per Month.


What Are The Call Charges?

Please contact us and we will email you our latest call charges.